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aligners international No. 1, 2024

Editorial: The future of aligner orthodontics by Dr Gina Theodoridis, President-elect of the European Aligner Society for 2025 / Table of contents / Solving sagittal discrepancies in orthodontics is probably the most energy-demanding movement you can do with aligners: A case report by Dr Luis Carrière / Orthodontics and botulinum toxin: Integrated care of a patient with bruxism and occlusal alteration: A case report by Drs Tomás A. Salazar, Belen M. Perretta, Camila Reino & Kristen Kock / Skeletal and dental Class II, Division I malocclusion solved in 11 months with MTO system: Using Carriere Motion Appliance and clear aligners without extraction: A case report by Drs Carlos Colino, Laura Castillo, Isabel Drewling & Pedro Colino / How to safely speed up tooth movement and reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment by Dr Ana Paz / Artificial intelligence in dentistry by Dr Miguel Stanley / Ethical communication and brand building / The trajectory of technology in our field is promising: An interview with Dr Chris Laspos / “The primary aim of EAS remains to promote excellence in aligner treatment”: An interview with Dr Gina Theodoridis / Aligners are the present and future of orthodontics: An interview with Dr Iro Eleftheriadi / Motivating your team by Jerko Bozikovic / Research news: Clear aligners: Study examines anchorage loss during maxillary molar distalisation; Fraunhofer using smart materials to make clear aligner therapy cheaper, more sustainable / Business news: SmileDirectClub leaves patients in the lurch / Manufacturer news: Futurabond U—dual-polymerising universal adhesive; ClearX ushers in a new era of eco-friendly orthodontic care with revolutionary clear aligners; Form Auto enables an orthodontic practice to increase model production by 20-fold; DynaFlex–Revolutionising orthodontics with innovative solutions / Ongoing growth of the global clear aligner market by Dr Kamran Zamanian & Federica Cogoni, iData Research / Excellence in aligner orthodontics: Fifth EAS congress maintains trajectory of growth / Long-awaited Digital Dentistry Show to premiere in Berlin in June 2024 / International events / Submission guidelines / Imprint /