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Ensuring predictable results in clear aligner therapy

A free webinar to be held on 15 November at 8 p.m. EDT (New York) will focus on predictability of clear aligner workflows and treatment. (Image: Jose Luis Carrascosa/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Thu. 9 November 2023


NEW YORK, US: For many consumers, clear aligner therapy is dentistry the way it should be—aesthetic, convenient and a good fit for busy daily work or school life. For dentists and orthodontists, clear aligners present an opportunity to gain new patients, to secure a new revenue stream and to make the most of the latest digital dental technologies and workflows. According to Texas dentist and multiple practice owner Dr Sara Mahmood, increasing the predictability of clear aligner workflows yields numerous advantages. Dr Mahmood’s upcoming free webinar on the topic will be held on 15 November at 8 p.m. EDT (New York), and she says that all dentists and their teams will benefit from attending.

According to Dr Mahmood, increasing the predictability of clear aligner therapy improves the health and well-being of patients and is advantageous for the entire dental team. She told Dental Tribune International: “One of my favourite things to speak about is the increased joy that dentists can experience from improved predictability in clear aligner therapy. When you have a treasured patient who is trusting you to get their smile ready for their wedding or big event, predictability in your treatment timeline matters! When you are able to deliver on a promise made to your patients, everyone wins. When your team gets to witness, day in and day out, the impact of a predictable workflow, it decreases frustration and increases job satisfaction.”

Texas dentist and multiple practice owner Dr Sara Mahmood. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Dr Mahmood’s webinar, titled “Predictable results with clear aligner therapy”, will focus on achieving predictable results by reviewing the software options available for clear aligners and discussing the types of aligner materials and trim lines that enable tooth movement and require fewer refinements.

The key learning objectives from the webinar will be:

  • identifying the advantages of a fully digital end-to-end workflow;
  • recognising malocclusion as a destructive disease process;
  • understanding how clear aligner therapy improves function and overall health;
  • learning how trimline and other physical properties of aligners can affect tooth movement;
  • discovering how to use SureSmile tools to achieve predictable outcomes; and
  • exploring how multimedia tools and product offerings allow clinicians to gain more significant control over treatment results.

Clear aligners belong to the digital age, and dental teams who offer the therapy to their patients can make the most of the latest digital dental tools. Dr Mahmood said: “Thinking back to the days of doing traditional polyvinylsiloxane impressions for clear aligner therapy, I remember how inefficient and unpredictable our workflow used to be. I am so incredibly grateful for the advances in technology that allow my offices to operate with ease.”

“It is so rewarding to be able to walk by a treatment room and see my team utilising intra-oral scanning for sharing education regarding the impacts of misalignment, among other things. My team feels empowered to leverage technology, and that, in turn, creates higher treatment conversion and allows us to establish realistic expectations for our patients,” Dr Mahmood said, emphasising that the accuracy of clear aligner treatment at her clinics relies on the accuracy of the information that her dental teams send to the digital laboratory.

Dr Mahmood said that all dentists and their teams will benefit from attending the webinar. “Expect a dynamic presentation with pearls of wisdom that you can implement immediately in your daily practice life that will increase your treatment acceptance, improve how you communicate with your patients, positively impact your current workflows to make them more efficient and increase your professional joy,” she commented.

Visit the Dentsply Sirona Academy website for more information.

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