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Dentsply Sirona products

Dentsply Sirona offers professional dental products and technologies worldwide. The company provides innovative, high-quality and effective products and solutions for dental clinics.

Dentsply Sirona – Primeprint Solution

Primeprint Solution is designed and built for dental excellence in practices and laboratories by one of the leading providers in digital dentistry. This 3D printing solution enables dental ...


Dentsply Sirona - Axeos

Expérimentez la différence Axeos- le système hybride 2D/3D avec un grand volume et une haute qualité d'image pour les cabinets avec une large offre de traitements. Développé en collaboration ...


Dentsply Sirona - Surefil One

Une nouvelle classe de matériau de restauration postérieure Il y a 10 ans, Dentsply Sirona a été pionnier avec SDR®, l’une des 1res technologies permettant un placement en bulk jusqu’à 4 ...


Dentsply Sirona – Porta-sensori XCP-DS Fit

Nuovi porta-sensori XCP-DS Fit & sistema di posizionamento parallelo XCP-ORA Per effettuare radiografie in modo semplice e veloce. Il meglio per voi e per i vostri pazienti La divisione Rinn ...


Dentsply Sirona – TiBase

Each delivery includes a TiBase, the titanium base from Sirona, an abutment screw and a scanbody in non-sterile form. All parts are intended for single use only. Individually manufactured ...


Dentsply Sirona – OsseoSpeed Profile EV

OsseoSpeed Profile EV – A unique implant specifically designed for sloped ridges OsseoSpeed Profile EV is specifically shaped for efficient use of existing bone in sloped ridge situations. ...


Dentsply Sirona – CEREC Ortho

Bring Orthodontic planning, treatment and appliance production to your practice In addition to same day restorations of crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays and implantology integration with GALILEOS, all...


Dentsply Sirona – XiVE

Absolutely flexible, versatile and superior primary stability: That's XiVE. For more than a decade, users the world over have relied on XiVE. Surgical and prosthetic – XiVE frees you from all ...